Dean Smith comments on Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland

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Dean Smith comments on Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland

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sbobet8888Former Aston Villa boss Steve Bruce signed Orjan Nyland from FC Ingolstadt 04 during the summer transfer window. The 28-year-old Norway goalkeeper has made 14 starts in the Championship this season, and has done well at times.The former Molde player took time to settle in at his new club, and is gradually showing his qualities. While he has faced the wrath of Villa fans for some of his earlier sloppy displays, he has produced some strong performances in recent games.

Nyland was brilliant against Bolton and Swansea, and has earned sbobet8888 a bit of praise from the new Villa boss Dean Smith.Smith has said that the goalkeeper has had an ‘up and down’ career at Villa so far, but he is pleased with the fact that Nyland has returned strongly after making mistakes.“Orjan has probably had an up and down start to his Villa career,” said Smith to the club’s official website.“But since I’ve arrived he’s had two clean sheets and not been at fault much away from home – especially against QPR.

“He’s had a few hairy moments, but it’s all about what you do next. And he’s come through the mistakes and looked a more positive goalkeeper before the end of games.”Villa find themselves 14th in the Championship table after 16 games, and they need to pick up some wins quickly if they are serious about challenging for promotion next season.Dean Smith’s side face Derby County in their next Championship clash on Saturday.sbobet8888
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Re: Dean Smith comments on Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland

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