g 10 Conference, he led the Wolverines to a 9-1 record in one of the toughest conwithf

Included herein should be any and all things related to city league softball. Here you'll find schedules, general discussion related to strategy, positioning, and even new recruits. You'll find shit talking and internet flaming related to enemy teams, who has paid for what, and pertinent lists.
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g 10 Conference, he led the Wolverines to a 9-1 record in one of the toughest conwithf

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EL SEGUNDO, Calif. Brandon Allen Jersey . -- Anze Kopitar politely disagrees with the idea that the Los Angeles Kings top line has dominated the Anaheim Ducks best scorers in their second-round playoff series. Since its Anaheim coach Bruce Boudreau who suggested the idea, its clear Kopitar and his linemates are doing something right to put the Kings in control of the series so far. Boudreau didnt hesitate to spotlight the ineffectiveness of centre Ryan Getzlaf and longtime linemate Corey Perry after Los Angeles 3-1 victory in Game 2 on Monday night, putting the Kings up 2-0 heading home to Staples Center for Game 3 on Thursday. Boudreau began the game matching up Getzlaf, Perry and Matt Beleskey against Kopitar, Marian Gaborik and captain Dustin Brown. By the third period, he was sending out his former Hart Trophy winner and current Hart finalist against anybody else. "I did it because Kopitars line was dominating them," Boudreau said. "When theyre dominating them, I could be stubborn and leave them out there all day, but we had to move something around to get away from it, and maybe his line could get something accomplished." Kopitar isnt exactly enjoying a breakthrough season, given that he has been one of the NHLs best centres for several years. Yet with a point in every post-season game and his first Selke Trophy nomination, Kopitar is clearly in top form as the Kings chase their second championship in three years. And Kopitar has been playing against Getzlaf long enough to know he shouldnt claim a shutdown victory just yet. "I dont know about dominating them," Kopitar said Tuesday when told of Boudreaus statement. "I think they were playing good, and they hemmed us in our zone for a little bit, too. We know as a line that we can play better, and were going to have to play better." Even when he raised the Stanley Cup as the playoffs co-scoring leader two years ago, Kopitar never got as much international attention as he did this winter. Kopitar is the Kings leading scorer for the seventh straight year, but he also led Slovenia to the quarterfinals of its first Olympic tournament before becoming a first-time finalist for the Selke as the leagues best defensive forward. Kopitar began Tuesday as the leading scorer in the NHL post-season again, with four goals and 10 assists during his nine-game scoring streak. "Hes been doing this for years, and this might be as good as Ive ever seen him play," Kings centre Mike Richards said. Getzlaf knows the pressure is on him to match Kopitars effort when the series moves to downtown Los Angeles for the next two games, and the Ducks captain has met every challenge so far this season. Getzlaf was the NHLs second-leading scorer in the regular season while developing into an impressive leader. He has assisted on all three of Anaheims goals in the series, but Perry has yet to find the back of Jonathan Quicks net. The Ducks meagre offensive output in the first two games against Los Angeles isnt shocking, given the Kings status as the NHLs best defensive team in front of their dominant goalie. Yet Getzlaf and Perry have been able to score on almost anybody this year, and theyre determined to get their teammates going at Staples Center. "I was mad, and Im still mad," Getzlaf said Tuesday. "I want to win, and when we dont win, I get mad. Thats just the nature of my well-being." Even if Kopitars line was as dominating as Boudreau said, the Kings clearly arent overpowering the Ducks in this series. Anaheim was 7 seconds away from winning Game 1 when Gaborik tied it with the goalie pulled, and Los Angeles sat on a one-goal lead for 46 minutes in Game 2 before an empty-net goal in a 3-1 victory. The Ducks are getting most of the series scoring chances, but theyre not getting the second chances and grind-it-out goals that are usually the only way to beat Quick. Boudreau is emphasizing the importance of getting in front of Quick, whose aggressiveness can be used against him by a team with Anaheims four-line skill. "I think weve got to start using Quick against himself a little bit," Ducks forward Andrew Cogliano said. "He challenges the pucks very well. He sprawls out, and sometimes there is room for shooting pucks off his pads and getting rebounds. ... Now its all about dirty goals. Were not scoring enough goals. Guys are getting good looks, but were not scoring." Kurt Warner Jersey . -- Keith Aulie has joined the Tampa Bay Lightning. Johnny Hekker Jersey . Dane Dobbie and Shawn Evans each had two goals and two assists for the Roughnecks (8-5), who outscored Minnesota 6-2 in the fourth quarter after being tied through 45 minutes. Curtis Dickson scored once and set up three more for Calgary and Dan MacRae, Geoff Snider, Tor Reinholdt, Karsen Leung and Matthew Dinsdale. http://www.cheapramsjerseysonline.com/? ... sey-online . Costa Rica followed up its wins over Uruguay and Italy by holding England to a dour 0-0 draw on Tuesday, enough to finish first in Group D.Last April, Nik Stauskass season at Michigan came crashing to a halt with a tough 82-76 loss to the Louisville Cardinals in the NCAA Championship game. The 66" shooting guard started all but six games in his freshman year, averaging 11 points per game and shooting .440 from the three-point line. Based on his post-game comments, it was clear that he took the championship loss hard. "We just got to move on," he said, his eyes clearly filled with tears. "I know myself, Im going to get back in the gym tomorrow to start working on my game." Stauskas wasnt giving lip service. The dozen or so shooting videos, shot from his backyard in Mississauga, Ontario in sun, rain and snow on YouTube, attest to his incredible drive. His quest for improvement was doubly as important as the top two players on the Wolverines, National Player of the Year, Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway, Jr., were both selected as first-round picks in this past Junes NBA Draft. With their departure, someone had to emerge on the team to pick up the slack and Stauskass work ethic would not allow it to be anyone else but him. "It just comes from me loving the game," he said. "I enjoy playing basketball, so its not really work for me. I enjoy getting better and anytime you go out there and see yourself being successful, it motivates you to try even more and get even better. Its kind of like a cycle for me - the better I get, the more I want to work." Already established as one of the best shooters in college basketball, Stauskas spent the summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan, rounding out his game. Working on his ball-handling to take defenders off the dribble and finish at the rim, he also added 16 pounds of muscle to his lithe frame. The result of his efforts was something no one expected him to do, by averaging 18.2 points in his first 11 games of the season. When met with stiffer competition in the Big 10 Conference, he led the Wolverines to a 9-1 record in one of the toughest conferences in the NCAA, all of which translatedd into Michigan moving up the national rankings and garnering the sophomore a spot on the Naismith Award Midseason Top 30 list. Mike Thomas Jersey. "Ive never really had recognition like that before," Stauskas said. "To be put in that group with those guys, its an honour. Theyre all really talented and its a prestigious award. Im happy that I can be there and that my work is paying off." Yet as Stauskass talent continues to develop with increased freedom and responsibility, opposing coaches have recognized this, as well. In some games, he has been neutralized as defences key in on Michigans primary threat. "I think the biggest challenge for me personally has just been addressing the way teams have been defending me," he said. "A lot of teams have been preparing for me, more than anyone else on our team. Getting double-teamed and being face-guarded has been an adjustment for me, cause Ive never had to deal with that before. Its made me work harder in a lot of areas I havent had to work on before." Stauskass growth, however, isnt solely physical, as he has had to make the adjustment to being a leader on his team. "Its tougher to pick up the rest of the team and stay positive and encourage everyone else while you struggle personally," Stauskas. Yet, he recognizes its a necessary adjustment to take his team and game to the next level. His focus and drive to succeed wont allow him to think otherwise. This April, Stauskas has similar visions on what another Michigan group of fabulous freshmen accomplished in consecutive seasons - back-to-back trips to the NCAA Championship game. "After the loss we had in the Final Four, obviously our goal is to get back there and win that championship game," he said. "At the same time, we came two points away from winning a Big 10 Championship. Those are both goals I want to achieve coming back this year. The way were playing right now, I think were right on pace to do that, we just have to keep working hard." 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Re: g 10 Conference, he led the Wolverines to a 9-1 record in one of the toughest conwithf

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